1. The Benefits of Indoor Inflatable Playgrounds

    Indoor inflatable playground are fun for kids, that is one thing that is very obvious. But throwing toys around the house and pouring syrup on the dog can also be fun for kids. Just because your child thinks something is fun doesn’t mean it is a good option for them! But indoor inflatable bouncy playgrounds offer many benefits that make them a great choice over allowing your children to take par…Read More

  2. Staying Busy With Your Kids This Summer

    Summer provides your kids with a great break from school and all the hard work they put into their studies. However, kids can get bored fast. By the end of summer, many kids are looking forward to school starting again because it gives them something to do. If your children become bored during their summer break, they are doing summer all wrong! Summer is the time for kids to explore, be creative,…Read More

  3. Fun Rewards For Good Report Cards

    Keeping your kiddo focused and motivated in school can be a challenge, especially as the excitement of summer slowly builds. But a good report card is important to many parents and we know you want your kid to work hard to get those good grades. One way to encourage your children to stay motivated on their school work is to offer a fun reward for their good grades. While some parents may feel that…Read More

  4. Avoiding Common Birthday Party Problems

    When you plan your child’s birthday party, you plan for everything to go right. You don’t plan a child’s party with the expectation that something will go wrong or that you will have to solve a problem during the party. You expect for every kiddo to have fun, all the games to be a hit, everything to move in a timely manner, and for it to end with no drama. But kids will be kids and that does…Read More

  5. Benefits of a Jumpin’ Jamboree Birthday Party

    Kids birthday parties can be exhausting. From planning different activities to keeping all the children entertained, to getting goodie bags and food together, there is a lot that goes into birthday parties for kids. While this may be fun for you, year after year, it can get old quickly. Planning your child’s birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree in Doral or Kendall has its benefits. Our inflatabl…Read More

  6. Why Kids Love Jumpin’ Jamboree

    There are certain places that kids simply love. From the beach to the park to different attractions around town, your child is likely to get overly excited for at least one of these places. While some children may get more excited about certain locations than others, there is one location that all kids will get excited about visiting — Jumpin’ Jamboree! We may be a bit biased, but we know kids…Read More

  7. How to Keep Your Kids Active

    In this day and age, getting kids to stay active can be a challenge. While kids will always love playing with toys, video games, TV, mobile devices, and other electronics have slowly taken their attention away from active play. Playing video games once in a while or watching Saturday morning cartoons is not a terrible thing for your children, but when they spend the entire day inside, on the couch…Read More

  8. Reasons to Bring Your Kids to Jumpin’ Jamboree

    Jumpin’ Jamboree is a fun indoor playground full of inflatable, arcade games, and endless fun! This is a place that every kid loves and parents can enjoy while their kiddos drain their energy. While you can take your kids to a regular playground to let them run and play, there are many reasons why you should bring them to Jumpin’ Jamboree. Whether it is a celebration or a special day, Jumpin…Read More

  9. Convincing Your Parents to Throw You A Jumpin’ Jamboree Party

    Having your birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree is a dream come true. We get it, we know how fun our inflatable playground is for kiddos like yourself. But getting your parents to agree on having your birthday at Jumpin’ Jamboree is not an easy task. You want your birthday to be what everyone is talking about at school, so how are you supposed to convince your parents? We will tell you! It will…Read More

  10. How To Throw A Birthday Party For A Toddler

    When your toddler’s birthday comes up, it may be a challenge to try to plan them the perfect birthday party. How do you celebrate their birthday in a way that isn’t out of control or overwhelming to them? At Jumpin’ Jamboree, we understand. We get the concern and overwhelm of planning the perfect party for your little one. We are birthday party experts, and in this blog, we’ll outline our …Read More