Having your birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree is a dream come true. We get it, we know how fun our inflatable playground is for kiddos like yourself. But getting your parents to agree on having your birthday at Jumpin’ Jamboree is not an easy task. You want your birthday to be what everyone is talking about at school, so how are you supposed to convince your parents?

We will tell you! It will take some work and you will have to be sure to be the perfect child for the next couple of weeks, but if you can pull it off, you will be jumping through our blow-up obstacle course before you know it. For tips on how to convince your parents to plan a Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party for you, keep reading. If you need some help reading, find a sibling or just show this blog to your parents, they will get the hint.

Pick a Location

First, you have to find the Jumpin’ Jamboree location near you. Luckily, we have two locations. One in Doral and one in Kendall. You will want to find the one closest to you, that way your parents won’t have to drive you and all of your friends across town. Click on this link to see exactly where our Doral location is and on this link to see where our Kendall playplace is. If you are unsure which is closest to you, just be sure to let your parents know that we do have two locations that they can choose from!

Choose a Party Size

At Jumpin’ Jamboree, you can choose any party size! How many friends do you have? You can bring your eight best friends and enjoy our Super Party pack. Or you can bring your entire class for our Ultimate Party pack. No matter how many friends you have and want to come to your Jumpin’ Jamboree party, we likely have a party package for you! Think about how many friends you have and want to invite. Planning how many kids will be there so your parents don’t have to can make their job easier, meaning you are more likely to get a Jumpin’ Jamboree party.

Drop a Hint

Now that you have done most of the research, you can start dropping hints. Make sure they know that you want a Jumpin’ Jamboree party and that it would make your birthday more special than ever before. Talk about friends who have had Jumpin’ Jamboree parties and how much fun everyone had. Mention that you hope to one day have a birthday at Jumpin’ Jamboree as well. Before your parents can plan a party with us, they need to know that is what you want. You could even leave the computer open on our Jumpin’ Jamboree party page to make sure they get the hint.

Be Good

After you let your parents know that you want a Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party, it is time to put in some work. Your parents will not want to throw you a party at Jumpin’ Jamboree if you are misbehaving and being a naughty kiddo. For the next few weeks, be good. Be nice to your brothers and sisters. Respect your parents. Don’t cause problems at school. If you work hard to be a good child, your parents will want to reward you with an awesome party at Jumpin’ Jamboree!

Do Chores

Being a good child also means doing your chores. We know chores are no fun, but they really help your parents out and they will appreciate you doing them without needing to ask multiple times. Make sure you keep your room clean at all times, pick up after yourself, and ask your parents if they need any additional help after you finish your other chores. Helping your parents out around the house is a great way to get on their good side and prove to them that you deserve a Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party. If your parents ask you to do something, be sure to do it right away. Don’t make them ask multiple times, this will only make them mad.

Make Sacrifices

If you get to enjoy your birthday at our party place, you should be willing to make some sacrifices. Tell your parents that if you have your party with us, you will give up getting presents this year (don’t worry, your friends will still bring you some). What would you rather have, a birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree or a bunch of toys you will likely not play with? We hope you pick our party place! Having a birthday party at our play place can be a huge deal for your parents, so you should be willing to give something else up in order to enjoy our bouncy slide and castles.

Work Hard

Is there something that your parents have been wanting you to work on? Do they want you to finish your book before the end of the month? Do they want you to get good grades in class? Do they want you to practice the piano more? Whatever they want, do it! Working hard to complete whatever they want you to finish will show them that you are dedicated and will work hard to make them happy. This is a great way to put them in a good mood and make them more willing to start planning your birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree.

Ask Nicely

Finally, the last thing you can really do is ask nicely. Some kids think that throwing a tantrum helps them get what they want. But we are here to tell you the truth. Throwing a tantrum never helps. It will only make it all worse! Be sure to ask your parents nicely for a birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree. Being polite when you ask them will show them how mature you are and they will be more willing to say yes!

Now that you know how to convince your parents to throw your birthday party at our awesome party place, it is time to get started! And remember, if they say no, there is always next year. Just make sure you don’t throw a tantrum if they say no. Like we said before, it never helps!

Help your parents start planning your birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree in Doral or Kendall! And be sure to stop by simply to play for the day! Your parents may see how much fun you have and decide to throw you a Jumpin’ Jamboree party. And for any parents who are reading this, you can get started on party plans by contacting us now!