As a parent, you likely feel the urge to occasionally spoil your kid as much as possible, which is why you have decided to have their birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree! You may not know a lot about our play place or the party packages that we offer, but we guarantee you will not be disappointed with what we can provide.

At Jumpin’ Jamboree, home to thousands of square feet of inflatable fun, your child and all of their friends will have a blast throughout the entire birthday party. We have two locations in Doral and Kendall, making it easy for you to find the perfect birthday party place close by. Whichever location you choose, you can expect the same awesome party packages for your child’s birthday.

While this may not be the first time you have planned your kid’s birthday party at a party place, Jumpin’ Jamboree will be the best choice you made for their birthday party yet. Our inflatable playgrounds are just the start of it! Jumpin’ Jamboree has so much to offer that you will be amazed you haven’t planned a birthday party here before!

So, what should you expect when you plan a birthday party at one of our party places? In this blog, we will tell you! Read on and start planning your child’s birthday party today.

Endless Fun

One of the hardest parts about planning your child’s birthday party is trying to figure out how to keep everyone entertained. Kids have short attention spans and can get bored easily, which makes it difficult to keep them entertained and having fun. At Jumpin’ Jamboree, you don’t have to worry about that at all! Both of our locations are filled with fun; from the inflatables to the arcades games, we have it all!

Your kids will be able to play for hours. They can slide down our inflatable slides, race their friends through our inflatable obstacle courses, or take a break from the bouncing fun by stepping into our arcade area and playing some classic games. We even have a soft play place for toddlers, allowing your littlest ones to have fun while the older siblings have the time of their life. You will likely not hear any of the kiddos at the birthday party mutter the words “I’m bored.”

The Birthday Setup

Jumpin’ Jamboree offers a variety of party packages that will help make the birthday party planning much simpler. Depending on how many friends your little one wants to invite, we have a package to accommodate the entire group! Our birthday party packages range from eight kids to 40 kids.

Each of our packages includes a number of things to help make this birthday party better than you may have expected. Some of the things included are:

  • A private party suite
  • Jumpin’ Jamboree host or hosts
  • Special birthday gifts for the birthday kiddo
  • A visit from one of our mascots
  • Set-up and clean-up by Jumpin’ Jamboree

While that list may make our birthday party packages seem too good to be true, that is only the start! Visit our party page to see what else is included in our party packages.

With many party places, you only get the minimum, which is access to play and the activities they offer. You are likely to pay more for a private room, food and drink, and everything else that we offer at a great price. All of these things are included in our party packages because we want to help make this birthday party perfect and easier for you!

A Quality Staff

While the staff at your child’s birthday party location may not be the first thing you consider, our staff is caring and attentive. Not only will you have one or more hosts to help you in your private birthday party suite, but you can also expect staff members to be on the playfloor at all times, ready to help and working to keep your kids safe. Safety is important to us and we want to make sure you feel comfortable while your children play on our inflatable playground. It can be difficult and stressful trying to keep an eye on eight kiddos at the same time, let alone 40! That is why we make sure you have extra eyes on your child and all of their friends at once. We will make sure all of the kids are safe as they play and have fun!

Bragging Points

Parents are used to their children bragging about other parents, talking about how awesome Johnny’s parents are for letting stay up 30 minutes past his bedtime to finish a movie. Well, Johnny’s parents will have nothing on you after this birthday party! All of your kiddo’s friends will be bragging about how awesome the birthday party was and how awesome of a parent you are for planning the birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree. If you have always wanted to be the cool parent that all of the other parents are jealous of and want to beat, this is your way to get there! You will be a hero in your child’s eye! Cue the fireworks.

Tired Kids

After a day of birthday partying at Jumpin’ Jamboree, your kiddo and all of their friends will be exhausted. Generally, parents pick their kids up from a birthday party expecting them to be all hyped up on sugar. When they pick their kid up after a Jumpin’ Jamboree party, they will be relieved to find them satisfied and exhausted. After hours of climbing, jumping, sliding, and playing, each and every one of these kiddos will be drained of all of their energy. While the other parents will be relieved, you will be happy to be able to relax afterward, without worrying about your children running around the house. You know it was a successful birthday party when your children come home tired.

When you plan your child’s birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree, you can expect fun, excitement, and a party to remember. Not only will this be an easy birthday party for you to plan, but you will be the parents that everyone brags about. If you want to spoil your child for their next birthday, Jumpin’ Jamboree is the perfect place to do it. Check out our locations, learn more about our party packages, and contact us today to reserve your birthday party space.