As a parent, dropping your children off at another kid’s birthday party is an exciting moment. It means you have a few hours to yourself to relax, get your to-do list complete or at least started, and be kid-free for longer than you are used to. These are exciting times indeed!

Not only will you have free time to spend however you’d like, but your child will be playing all day and getting some energy out. Meaning that your hyper little kiddo will come back ready to relax the rest of the day.

This is especially true when your child gets invited to a Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party. Our indoor inflatable playground is the perfect birthday party place for many reasons. If your child is invited to a birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree, there are a few things you can expect.

In this blog, we are going to give you a heads-up on what to expect after receiving your child back from the Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party!

Phase One: Chatterbox

The very second you pick your kiddo up from the birthday party, they will talk the entire car ride, nonstop. They will want to tell you everything about the birthday party, the inflatables, the birthday presents their friend received, the inflatables, the cake, and the inflatables. They will tell you a funny story about how Bobby was racing Lucy through the obstacle course but got turned around and started racing the wrong way. Lucy won. It was funny. They will tell you about the inflatable slide that they went down about 50 zillion times! And how fun it was to bounce all the way down. You will hear everything about this birthday party, our inflatables, and how much fun it was. It will be as if you were at the party yourself.

Phase Two: Reenacting

Once home, your child will feel as though words can no longer express what went on at this insane birthday party. So they will show you. They will be bouncing on the couches, racing around the living room, and trying to explain exactly how they jumped so high that they touched the ceiling while giving your visuals to help you understand. Don’t worry, this phase won’t last long. They have been running, jumping, and playing all day; the sugar crash will come soon and you can carry on with your relaxing day.

Phase Three: The Crash

Ah, there it is. The nice, peaceful silence of your child on the couch watching their favorite episode of Spongebob. There will be a struggle to keep their eyes open and occasional giggles as the show continues on. This is a great time for you to make dinner, take a look at your bills, or simply sit with your little angel and enjoy the peace.

Phase Four: Chatterbox Part Two

Now your spouse is home and your kiddo wants to tell them all about the birthday party as well. They will talk about the race between Lucy and Bobby, how Bobby started running the wrong way, and Lucy won. Again, it was funny. They will talk about the inflatables and the slides, the cake and presents, and about the inflatables some more. Your kiddo will leave out a few details that they told you but add in new ones that you have not yet heard. Your spouse will sit quietly and listen to the story nodding with a smile and adding in comments like “Wow, Buddy, that sounds great” or “Oh, yeah? Did you have fun?” Your child will love having an extra pair of ears to tell all about the Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party and they will talk all throughout dinner, not giving you guys a chance to catch up. But that’s okay, the second crash will come soon.

Phase Five: The Second Crash

While you and your spouse clean up and finally get a chance to talk with one another, your kiddo will plop on the couch and watch more of their favorite TV shows. This will be right around their bedtime and it is likely that they will need to be carried upstairs and tucked into bed, without them even noticing. They will sleep soundly through the night.

But that’s not all you can expect. Kids can easily become obsessed with an idea. They will continue talking about the Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party for days.

Phase Six: The Dream

The next morning you will wake up, make you and your kiddo breakfast and sit down only to hear more about the birthday party. This time, your child had a dream that they were in Jumpin’ Jamboree, playing and sliding and jumping, but then suddenly the ENTIRE world was made of inflatables! They jumped around buildings, over lakes, and just when they thought it couldn’t get any better, they became a superhero! They will jump around town, bouncing villains into space, saving kittens in trees, and becoming the hero that the world needs. What a great dream.

Phase Seven: Party Planning

After hearing about Jumpin’ Jamboree for a while, your child will suddenly come up with the brilliant idea of hosting their own birthday party at the inflatable play place. Honestly, you are surprised they didn’t suggest this sooner. This is the perfect birthday party place for several reasons. Your child came back happier than ever, excited to talk about it, and ready for a long sleep. But that’s not the only thing that makes our indoor playgrounds an awesome choice for birthday parties. We offer party packages that can help make the process of planning easier and help provide you with everything you need to make this birthday party one to remember. You think to yourself what a great idea that is while your child goes on about the Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party.

When you start planning your child’s birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree, be sure to check out our party packages! You can choose from a variety of packages that can help you get everything you need and accommodate your child’s group of friends. You can find a Jumpin’ Jamboree in Kendall and Doral, allowing you to pick the location that is closest to you!

Now that you know what to expect after picking your child up from a Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party, you can start planning a Jumpin’ Jamboree birthday party for your child! They will love having their birthday at our party place and love you even more for planning all of this for them. Contact us today to learn more and get ready for a birthday party that the other children’s parents will hear all about!