It’s that time of the year that every parent of a young child dreads. It’s time to figure out and plan your kid’s birthday party. After you’ve figured out what to do to celebrate your child’s birthday and have everything planned out, you’re probably going to run into some mishaps that happen the day of the birthday party. As much as you love and adore your children, birthday parties are usually madness. The truth is, you’re bound to encounter something that goes wrong at the party. At Jumpin’ Jamboree, we’ve also been there. We understand that kids’ birthday parties are just like that and we are here to help you navigate the chaos with grace. In this two-part blog series, we’ll outline the possibilities of what can go wrong at your child’s party, and how you can navigate these mishaps and still put on a great birthday party.

  • The kids are way too hyper. Kids are full of energy, let’s face it. And when it comes to a birthday party, something fun that they’ve been looking forward to for days, they’ll be bouncing off the walls. There’s running, there’s screaming, there’s throwing things (anything). It’s a migraine waiting to happen. Even when it’s not you that has to plan and facilitate this endeavor, it’s exhausting. If you choose to plan the party at your abode, it’s as if you’ve invited a group of zoo animals in your home — not to mention the money you’ve spent on the birthday party.
  • You have to be a part of the games. Once your children get older, their birthdays will be less involved, but while you’re still the one that’s planning the parties, you’re the one that has to be involved and participating in the activities. Not only is this exhausting, but who really wants to wrangle a herd of hyped up children? However, if you don’t, mass chaos will ensue and your home will end up looking like a war-zone. Take the stress off and have your kid’s birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree. We take care of the entertainment and the mess, so that you can just sit back and enjoy celebrating your child’s birthday.
  • Sugar. Sugar is a parent’s worst nightmare. At a birthday party, sugar is everywhere to be found. Without a physical outlet of some kind, the sugar induced energy spikes will cause the party to become a tooth decay filled nightmare. This is because if someone is left out of receiving something sugary, the resulting tantrum will rupture anyone’s eardrums. Not to mention the fact that kids will often eat so much sugar that you’ll be soothing their tummy ache afterwards.
  • Gift envy is a thing. When your children are little, sharing isn’t necessarily caring. They don’t quite understand the concept of letting someone else have something that they want, not to mention the temptation of tearing and opening that birthday gift themselves. Sometimes children will snatch the present out of the birthday child’s hands and start ripping the wrapping paper away. This results in your child feeling sad, and most likely a meltdown of some kind. Even if your kid is lucky enough to open their own presents, it won’t be long before other children are running around with them.
  • The mess. You finally made it! The birthday party is over. However, your home looks like a tornado whipped through it, and it’s going to take forever to restore your house to its former glory. You’re flashing back to that little boy who walked up to your couch, fingers stained with cake, ripped off all the couch cushions and walked away. Or perhaps the little girl who took the box of markers for your child and decided that your walls were her art studio. The mess is enough to make you cry and give you a migraine all at the same time.

The good news is that there is hope. You do not have to put yourself or your home through such turmoil. Have the birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree! We take care of entertainment, food, games, invitations, decorations, everything. That way, all you have to do is show up, and let your child have their best birthday party yet. In our next blog, we’ll tell you how to combat these issues when planning for your child’s birthday party, so stay tuned for more!