As a parent of an elementary school — or young middle school-aged child, the importance of earning good grades through diligence in class, learning to ask questions, and seeking out help from teachers and parents when it’s needed isn’t lost on you. But that doesn’t mean that you have all of the answers for the best ways to encourage your child to pursue academic achievement.


At Jumpin’ Jamboree — Miami’s best kids party place since opening our doors in 2012 — we get it because we’re parents, too. Finding out how to motivate your kids to work hard in school and chase good grades can be tricky. And while we all hope that our children will learn the value of hard work naturally, the truth is that giving them meaningful incentives is a great way to have them embrace that lesson and apply it throughout their lives.


In today’s blog from the indoor bounce house and kids party splice team in Doral, we’re going to provide a few ideas for ways to encourage and celebrate your child’s academic success. To learn more, read on, or you can also get in touch with us today with your questions or to request a booking.

The Art Of The Deal

Before we get to the ideas, let’s start with the right way to strike a deal with your child about working hard in school this quarter.

Get Some Buy-In

Start by talking to your child about the kinds of things that they like to do. How do they like to celebrate? Even though you know most of this information about them, talking with them about what they want and what is important to them helps to create investiture right away by allowing them to be a part of the decision making process.


Next, propose that a great way to do those things would be as a celebration of academic achievement. Assuming that they want to get on board with a fun outing, free party, or other celebration of their grades or effort, it’s time to get into the specifics.

Get Down To Details

Make concrete, but fair goals. For example, if your child has really been struggling with specific subjects or class rules, asking for perfection right out of the gate might be too much. Instead, asking for increased marks or following the rules four out of five days per week with no problems for the whole quarter, allows for imperfection, but encourages growth. Whatever you do, make sure that the expectations are clear and measurable.


Next — and this is where it gets fun — write up a small agreement that lists what is to be achieved, by what date, and what the expected reward is, and sign it together. Personally, we love to make this into a playdate or theatrical scene to have some fun with it.

Help Them Make A Plan

And finally, help your child come up with a plan to be successful and make a point to encourage them, support them, and inquire about their progress throughout the discussed timeframe.

Make It Official

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s talk about how much fun you are both going to have when your child meets their academic goals!

Go Somewhere Fun!

Going somewhere fun is always high up on the list of things that kids want to do to celebrate. In our experience, most kids love to run around, do things that are not everyday experiences, socialize with others, and laugh, smile, and laugh some more. Planning a trip to somewhere full of opportunities to do these things is a great way to motivate academic achievement.


At Jumpin’ Jamboree, it is the definition of fun. We always put safety first and always have staff on hand to help watch kiddos, but by the level of energy and silly giggling that is taking place, it might seem like the kids are running the place to the untrained eye. Between ball pits, indoor bounce houses, arcade games, and the new bungee trampoline, we are undeniably a fun kids party place.


Set the goal of quarterly trips based upon hitting certain academic accomplishments, or grant the ability for an extra friend to come for each subject that your child makes the grade in.

Have A Party!

Whether you meter out the number of people who can attend based on performance or you decide with your child that achieving your goals is better celebrated with friends from the start, Jumpin’ Jamboree is the perfect place to host a celebratory “good grades” party. With 10,000 square feet of fun, games, and food, there are few better places for vigorously celebrating a hard-earned success with the gang.


Depending on the size of your group and the number of children who are attending, we even offer group rates, discounts, and party catering to keep everyone fed, happy, and ready for round two.


Best of all, with our trained staff and safety plan, you can always feel comfortable knowing that your child is accounted for, having fun, and being safe, even if you decide to step away briefly for a quick cup of coffee at the Jumpin’ Jamboree cafe.

Use Group Incentives To Help Children Encourage One Another

If you really want to motivate your child to push for academic excellence this quarter, semester, or year, then do what smart parents do, and “plot” against them with other parents to provide a group incentive that encourages everyone to reach higher.


What’s better than one child in a classroom working hard to achieve a goal? All of them doing it! By working together, a group of parents can hammer out details for certain achievements as a group, or by making their own individual goals with their children to achieve a class-wide bounce house party at Jumpin’ Jamboree.


 While the details are up to you, we know that giving a group of students a combined goal can help them to encourage one another and exert positive pressure to keep working hard towards their goal.

Schedule Your Child’s Reward For Success At Jumpin’ Jamboree

At Jumpin’ Jamboree in Doral, we love to help kids have fun, play, and succeed! That’s why we’re strong supporters of providing parents with ideas and alternatives to help motivate effort and success with their school-aged children. 


To join us at our Doral kids’ party place and celebrate your child’s success, get in touch with us to request a booking. For more details about our indoor bounce house and play place or to take an online tour of our space, visit our website. We look forward to taking part in your celebration, and wish you all the best of academic success this year!