When you plan your child’s birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree, it can be simple to get overly excited about all the fun to be had and forget that this is a business establishment. As your child and their friends run, jump, and play on our indoor inflatable playground, it is easy to get lost in the birthday party cheerfulness and laughter and ignore some of the things you would normally pay close attention to.

Just like any other business, we want to keep everything nice, clean, and safe for everyone who comes to jump on our inflatables. Kids can be dirty and while they may not care, we know their parents do. When you host your child’s birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree, we hope that you follow a few inflatable etiquette rules that will help us keep our facilities cleaner and parents happier!

In this blog post, we are going to go over Jumpin’ Jamboree party etiquette rules that we would like you to follow. Please read on and get ready for the best birthday party ever!

Remove Shoes

Before your children and their friends make a beeline for the inflatable obstacle course, take the time to make sure that they remove their shoes. Shoes can ruin the inflatables and could be harmful to other children. If a child does not remove their shoes, they could end up stepping on the hand or foot of another child, or damaging the inflatable. Adults and children need to wear socks while in the play area.

Leave Food and Drinks Behind

As children head into the inflatables, make sure they do not have food or drinks with them. Bringing food and drinks into the obstacle courses, slides, and other inflatables can make a mess. Imagine trying to jump with a bag of chips, or a soft drink! They could go flying everywhere. Again, most kids wouldn’t care about jumping on chips and getting them stuck to their feet, in their hair, or on their clothing, but their parents likely will! This could also become a choking hazard! Jumping while eating may seem easy, but it can make it easy for a child to choke. Make sure they do not have any food or candy in their mouths before letting them on the inflatables. We want all the kiddos at your birthday party to remain safe! Let’s keep the inflatable clean and our kiddos safe and make sure no food or drinks make it into the play area.

Play Nice

Kids will be kids, but we want to make sure all of the kids at your child’s birthday party have a good time. If you diligently remind the kids to play nice, not shove each other, and take turns, everything will go smoothly. We know that Jumpin’ Jamboree is an exciting place for children; add a birthday party on top of it and you have a bunch of overly excited children that are ready to play after getting sugar rush from the cake. This could make some children get a little feisty and not play as they should — a simple reminder can help them simmer down and go back to playing nicely!

No Sharp Objects!

We hope your children don’t regularly carry around sharp objects, and we really hope they won’t while enjoying a birthday party at Jumpin’ Jamboree. Our inflatables can no longer stay inflated if a sharp object gets too close. We want all of the children at your kiddo’s birthday party to be able to enjoy our bouncy houses, obstacle courses, and slides. This is why we want to keep our inflatable inflated and away from sharp objects! So, take those scissors out of your child’s hand and let them run and play in peace.

Wash Your Hands

Kids and germs find each other like peanut butter and jelly, but spreading those germs should be avoided as much as possible, especially in our inflatables! If your child or any of the children at the birthday party have to use the bathroom, please ensure they wash their hands! This will help keep our facility cleaner and well as the children.

Clean Up After Partying

We don’t mean cleaning up your birthday party suite, we have that covered! We do mean having the children wash their hands and faces after they eat cake, pizza, or whatever else they might eat. You know how kids are when they eat cake. Parents are always left wondering if any of it actually ended up in their mouths. The frosting covering their faces, hands, shirts, and wherever else they managed to get it should be cleaned up before they head into the inflatables to play. We work hard to keep our facility and the play area clean, please help us by wiping hands, faces, and clothing before sending your child and their friends back into the inflatables.

Have Fun!

Of course, we want your kiddo and all of their friends to have fun! While this is not a rule of etiquette, it is still very important to us at Jumpin’ Jamboree to see the children having a good time! We want all of the kids at your child’s birthday party to have a good time. We also want to make sure that we keep our facilities nice so that this fun is possible! Help us keep everything clean and safe, and we will make sure your children have a great time.

These pieces of etiquette are not meant to make the birthday party less fun, they are only meant to help keep your kids happy, safe, healthy, and clean so the birthday party is fun for everyone! We want to keep our facilities clean and safe so that your kids can play without you worrying about anything.

At Jumpin’ Jamboree, we can provide your child and their friends with a birthday party to remember. Our party packages can help ensure that everything goes smoothly. All we ask is that you follow our rules of etiquette and help us keep our inflatable playgrounds clean, safe, and fun! Contact us at our Doral or Kendall locations to start scheduling your child’s birthday party or to get your questions answered! We look forward to helping you plan the best birthday party ever.