When your toddler’s birthday comes up, it may be a challenge to try to plan them the perfect birthday party. How do you celebrate their birthday in a way that isn’t out of control or overwhelming to them? At Jumpin’ Jamboree, we understand. We get the concern and overwhelm of planning the perfect party for your little one. We are birthday party experts, and in this blog, we’ll outline our tips for planning a great birthday party for your toddler.


Tip 1: Plan the fine details yourself.


Because your child is still small, it can be tempting to want to dictate every detail yourself. It’s important to make all the big decisions yourself, like time and place, but it will be a more enjoyable experience for them if you give them a small amount of say in what kind of party they’ll have. This way, they’ll have an idea of what to expect on the big day, as well as a sense of pride because they were involved in the planning. When your child is two to three years old, they will be able to name their favorite character to help you decide on a theme, and at age four or five, they’ll be able to give input on a specific theme, decorations, games, and more.


Tip 2: Make it age appropriate.


It’s important to take your little one’s age into consideration when planning their birthday party and make it age appropriate. When your child is a toddler, their attention span isn’t very long and they’re not overwhelmingly coordinated. That being said, scavenger hunts, or other activities that require staying focused for an extended period of time, are a no go. You’ll want to opt for short, noncompetitive games. Also, you’ll want to keep the party short. For a child this age, a party that’s an hour to an hour and a half is plenty. Make sure that you’re aware of when you’re planning the party. Late morning, or first thing after lunchtime are ideal. In terms of toddler-friendly activities, consider:


  • Bubbles – Toddlers love bubbles! Not to mention they’re inexpensive, and don’t make a mess. There are many different games you can create with bubbles. For example, tell the kids to try to pop the bubbles before they touch the ground. To not induce chaos, have them sit on the ground around you in a semi circle, and have an adult sit in front of them to blow bubbles.
  • Freeze Dance – Dancing is a fun and safe way to get the party started with a bunch of toddlers. Play some dancing music and have them dance. Tell them that when the music stops, they have to freeze until the music starts up again. It’s fun that never ends!
  • Coloring – This one could be a bit tricky in avoiding a mess, but if done properly, it is clean fun for all. Give each child a large white poster board and washable markers. In addition, make sure you tape the poster board to the table so it doesn’t move around.


Tip 3: Go with their favorite things.


When it comes to toddlers, they will most likely have a select number of favorite things. Those are your keys to planning a party and coming up with a theme. For example, if you have a child that is really into Disney movies like “Frozen” or “Moana,” use that as your theme.


Tip 4: Don’t feel you have to entertain adults.


When planning a party, it’s tempting to get caught up in trying to make it a good time for all. However, the priority of your party is the kids, and it’s important to remember that. Put out snacks for parents, and leave them to socialize with one another. As parents, they understand your need to focus on keeping the party flowing smoothly.


Tip 5: Try a safe place to play.


If you are overwhelmed at the thought of planning a party for your toddler, leave it to the experts! At Jumpin’ Jamboree, our indoor playground is perfect for children of all ages. Our party place will help you stay relaxed, while keeping your kids entertained and having fun. Reserve your party space with us today!